Deluxe Multi-Function Sterilizer Stream Station

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Deluxe Multi-Function Sterilizer Stream Station#0

Deluxe Multi-Function Sterilizer Stream Station

Rp 298,000

Product Code: 13050243

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  • Large capacity design, it can sterilize 6 bottles at the same time.
  • Detachable structure, it is safe as well as easy to clean.
  • Independent cooling water slot to remove the streamed water.
  • With timer for controlling the time. When time is up, it will shut don and a bell will sound.
  • With egg boiler function for cooking egg.
  • With baby food cooking function.
  • With advanced and evelasting PTC, heats up fast.
  • Nontonix plastic component, safe and innoxious.
  • Multi-function : it combines the function of disinfecting, cooking egg and steaming food.
  • Safe work when meet wave power
  • FDA approved material used.

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